Serial # 2840000-on. From 1971-on. 75mm Xenotar 3.5 or Planar 75/3.5 lens. Heidosmat 75mm F2.8 viewing lens. Synchro-Compur MXV shutter 1/500 to 1, B. Optional coupled meter, has detachable hood, improved focus screen, eye level viewing. 12/24 Frame Counter.

The pinnacle of the 3.5 range of cameras. This one is in MINT condition and it came in its original box, and outer shipping box and can not have been used more than once, if at all. This one will not be CLA'd as it is perfect now and is not intended for use, at least by me.


Serial # 2250000-2810000 from 1960-69. 75mm Xenotar 3.5 or Planar 75/3.5 lens. Heidosmat 75mm F2.8 viewing lens. Synchro-Compur shutter MXV 1/500 to 1, B. Optional coupled meter, has detachable hood, improved focus screen, eye level viewing. Provision for 220 Film. Bay II. Accepts plate glass back. After Lens Serial # 2753002, the Planar lens had 6 elements.

Another nice estate find this earlier 3.5F (6 element lens) with working coupled light meter has been FULLY refurbished by the renowned Mr. Harry Fleenor in Sept. 2015 and it is as 'good as new'. Or actually perhaps even BETTER than new as I had him also install a new Maxwell screen on it. Cosmetically it is probably 'only' EX+++ but will be a great camera to own and shoot for another lifetime or two. Of course full case, strap, and cap are included. 
$1,850 with full case

S/N: 2294304, 3.5F Planar Type 3, circa 1961

Rolleiflex 3.5 T, Grey Type 1 (or Model 2)
​SN-2101025, Circa 1963

Rolleiflex 3.5E - Planar - Type 1, SN-1779304  Circa 1958

Serial # 2360000-2362024 from 1962-65. About 2025 made. 80mm Xenotar 2.8, Planar 80/2.8 or Opton 80/2,8 lens. Optional uncoupled meter. EVS system. detachable hood, improved focus screen. Bay III. 

This is a very rare model, only around 2,025 ever made and are similar in most respects to the 2.8F except for meter coupling. This camera does not have the optional meter but is now in great shape. Basically I 'rescued' this camera, it was very ugly when I bought it at an auction in the UK for a cheap price. Luckily the lenses were in good shape so I decided to revive it. Since purchasing it I have done the following: 1) Added a very nice replacement back door. 2) Added a NOS film advance crank. 3) Added a replacement viewing screen. 4) Added a very nice original mirrored Lens Cap. 5) And last and by no means least, sent it to Japan for a complete dis-assembly, CLA, re-painting of all of the Black surfaces, and totally recovered with new Aki-Asahi leather. Its not exactly "Like New", but it came out very nice and will be a great camera to use and has a bit of history as well. I'd call it about EX+++ overall condition, and while the lenses do have some cleaning marks, they will still perform just fine. I haven't yet found the proper case for it, but am still looking. 


S/N: 2850267, 3.5F Xenotar White Face, Type 5 1971~ 

Rolleiflex 3.5  "T" Type 4, "White Face" K8T3.  Production Serial Numbers: 2.314.000-2.320.298.
Shutter: Deckel Synchro-Compur X 1-1/500 & B.

This limited edition White Face is the last of the "T" models and our is in very near MINT condition and came to me as seen in the photo. I have since also added a NOS original satin lens cap as well to complete the set. This one is without Light Meter but is a fine collector camera.

$1,175 full set

The Great Planar vs Zenotar & Tessar vs Xenar debate, or "Much Ado about Nothing"... Our Thoughts: 

There has been much written on this subject over the past 50 or 60 years, just Google it and you will find dozens of articles on the subject, some highly technical. Perhaps Carl Zeiss was easier for Americans to pronounce than Schneider Kreuznach, or maybe it was Zeiss's good marketing efforts in the 50's there, but for whatever reason some pedantic 'collector's" have elevated the Zeiss fitted cameras above the Schneider, and for no good reason of which we are aware. Zeiss charged Rollei a bit more for their lenses some of the time, so Rollei had to pass that along, could that be it? Many technical studies have been done and in most cases the Schneider lenses win out for image clarity, at least post WW2, and for some professionals its more a matter of taste, with some saying the Planar are 'softer' (e.g. not as sharp). And I've read that in Europe (Germany) the Schneider Kreuznach are more highly valued... go figure!

BOTH are some of the best lenses ever produced, anytime, anywhere, with unmatched performance.

It is generally assumed that Rollei chose two lens providers, first due to the popularity of their cameras where they may have needed two suppliers to insure production flow was not going to be interrupted should they need more than one could produce, and secondly as insurance in the event one of them had any sudden production difficulties. Seems reasonable to us, and it worked for them.

So for us its back to our #1 Rule: "Buy the best quality you can afford". Finding a Rolleiflex with its lens in great condition is the key, not whether it has Zeiss or Schneider engraved on the lens ring. Either will perform better than our eyes will and I for one would never pay any 'extra' for a Planar just because some 'die hard' collectors like the name, but to each his own as they say...

Serial # 1200001-1474999 from 1951-54. 75mm Tessar 3.5, Opton 75/3.5 or Xenar 75/3.5 lens. After Serial # 128xxxx, internal baffles added. Synchro Compur shutter 1/500 to 1, B + T and MX sync.

This camera is in Ex++ condition and showing very few signs of use. Mechanically it seems to be working well, and with good clean glass. It is working well now but would benefit from a CLA someday. Leather had been black waxed by previous owner and is in good shape. It comes with its original ERC case (User Condition, no strap) and I added a proper lens cap.


Serial # 1400000-1475405 from 1954-55. Mostly fitted with 80mm Planar F2.8 lens, some early with Xenotar lens. Internal baffles added, larger focus knob, adjustable focusing magnifier. Heidosmat 80mm F2.8 viewing lens. Parallax control. Bay III. Synchro-Compur. 3 point accessory mask on hood. Bay III.

A very beautiful example of the 2.8C model that has been CLA'd in May 2016 and is working like new. They gave it 98% of New condition in their estimation, or about MINT- in our parlance. Suitable for collecting but also will still perform perfectly. No light meters on these older models, but their lenses are the same up through the last 2.8F and so are optically excellent. Only very minor cleaning marks so this 60 year old beauty will still perform at the top of its game, don't let its age fool you! Its original case and cap are included and are still quite nice as well.

​​​$1,150 with case

Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar, Late Type 3, 6 Element, SN-2802729, Circa 1969

Serial # 1740000-1787999 from 1956-59. About 26000 made. 75mm Planar F3.5 lens. Built-in meter. However, cameras with Xenotar had no meter ( unless installed later ). Bay II. Non-removable finder hood.

CLA was just completed in May 2016. This camera is in great shape, The CLA folks gave it 98% of new so I'll call it Mint-. The light meter is no longer working but that is not unusual for a camera from the 1950's, selenium cells do not last forever. Everything else is working smoothly and the finder and lenses are in very good condition with only some very small cleaning marks. Comes with its case and neck strap that are about EX++


Rolleiflex Old Standard, MX, MX-EVS, 3.5T, 3.5E, 3.5F, 2.8E and 2.8F including White Face models can be found below. We love the quality feel of these Masterpieces! 

S/N 2315811, Rolleiflex "T" - Tessar, Type 4 White Face, circa 1975

This is very nice 3.5F, Type 3, that has just been CLA’d in January 2016 in Japan. It's more of a user camera than for collecting as it does show a few signs of previous usage, although is now back in great condition for serious photographic work. Shutter and focusing are working like new. lt has no major scratches or dings to the body and some smaller ones have been ‘touched-up’ by me to restore it to a very nice cosmetic condition. The previous owner was obviously a 'tripod hugger' and therefore the base does show some use, but he also obviously took great care of the lenses as they are in great shape. The viewfinder and lens glass is clean with only some very minor cleaning marks and no fungus or scratches. I'd call it an easy EX++ grade or better overall.
It also includes it's original incident light diffuser, as well as a beautiful original ERC case with neck strap and lens cover. It’s fully ready for a new lifetime of great photography.

​​$1,350 full set

2.8F White Face-Xenotar, S/N 2952863, Type 2, circa 1975

Serial # 2100000-2199999 from 1958-66. About 99000? made. Grey and black versions. 75mm Tessar 3.5 lens or Opton 75/3.5 lens. Meter optional. Synchro-Compur MXV shutter 1/500 to 1, B. Rollei expert Alex Pearlman remarks that the Tessar on the Rolleiflex T utilizes Lanthanum glass for improved resolution and color correction. Detachable hood, improved focus screen. Heidosmat 75mm F2.8 viewing lens. Bay I​

A quite usable 3.5T, Type 1 that has just been CLA’d in March 2016. It has quite a few signs of previous usage but is in quite decent cosmetic condition. Shutter, film advance and focusing are all working great. lt has a few scratches and dings to the body, the focusing screen has a spot on it, and lens glass has a little bit of haze and some cleaning marks with a bit of deterioration to the coating. There is no light meter on this one. It includes a nice original ERC case with neck strap and original lens cap. It’s not for collecting but will still take nice photos and is more of an entry level user camera, which is reflected in its low price. About EX++ condition for the body and EX+ condition for the lenses. A nice camera to get started with TLR photography, with an easy price.

$​525 with case, cap & strap.                

About 35,000 produced from 1929-32. 75mm Tessar 4.5 or 3.8 Lens.The Rolleiflex Original 612, second of the series namesake, will differ from the 611 as the most wide open of its optics with the sharp Tessar 75mm f 3.8 instead of the f. 4.5.  Ours is the Model I without distance scale on the focusing knob, the earliest type, and is in very nice condition (EX++ or better) and comes with its original leather carrying case which we have had re-sewn and its original lens cap. A very nice collectors piece as is but it should be CLA'd so that it can be used as intended also. The lenses are currently a bit hazy but should clean up well with a good cleaning.


These late edition White Face were the last of the legendary 2.8F model line with its sharp Xenotar lens and 12/24 counter for use with both 120/220 film. I'll call it MINT- but you will be hard pressed to find many marks on it. Very nice all around and the glass is about perfect to my eye. It was probably used a few times, and you can see a few very minor scratches on the plastic light meter cover and a couple of rub marks on the tripod seat were all that I could find, body and optics near perfect. See the photos below for actual condition. Will be a great addition to any collection. Includes its case, neck strap and cap.

​$3,150 with case

Serial # 1621000-1665999 from 1956-59. About 44000 made. 80mm Xenotar 2.8 or Planar 80/2.8 lens. Built-in, uncoupled meter, Automatic DOF Indicator. Heidosmat 80mm F2.8 viewing lens. Synchro-Compur shutter, Bay III.

This is a beautiful example of the 2.8E, most suitable for collecting. Includes its' working light meter, a beautiful full case and neck strap, its original mirrored lens cap, incident light diffuser, and 36 film counter. It is FULLY in MINT condition, no blemishes to speak of at all! A very nice collectors’ camera as it appears to have never been used! The case shows some very minor handling signs from the near 60 years of storage, but the camera is LIKE NEW ! The body and leather is unmarked and the glass is perfect, no fungus or scratches or even cleaning marks, and the waist level finder is clear. It includes full case, neck strap, lens cover and diffuser. Perfect for collecting, or use it with care.


Rolleiflex 3.5E-Xenotar-T2-SN-1866513, Circa 1959

Rolleiflex 2.8E3-Planar-SN-2360896, Circa 1962

Rolleiflex "Original", The Worlds First TLR Camera 
Model 612, ​SN-54226, Circa 1929

Serial # 1850000-1869999 from 1957-59. About 17000 made.75mm Xenotar F3.5. Meter optional. Bay II. Non-removable finder hood..

This is quite usable example of the E series, the later Type 2 model but without Light Meter. It has just been CLA'd in May 2016 and is in great user shape. Cosmetically it is in about EX++ condition overall (The CLA folks gave it 90%) and the lenses have a moderate amount of cleaning marks that will not affect the photographic results. A nice camera that will work just fine for years or decades to come, and at a nice price point! Comes with a very nice ERC case (snap flap needs sewing if you need it) and neck strap as well. 


S/N:1230595, 3.5A Xenar (Automat Type 4), MX Synch, Model 4, Type 1, circa 1951

S/N: 1665747, Rolleiflex 2.8E-Planar with uncoupled meter, circa 1959 - LIKE NEW!

Rolleiflex 2.8C-Xenotar, Type 2-SN-1467173 , Circa 1955

Additional Photographs are available, and if you have any comments or questions or would like to purchase or make an offer, please feel free to contact us.