Rolleiflex Overhaul or Leica CLA needed? You can find some choices here. 
For those living in Thailand, it is a bit more difficult...

There are quite a few good repair guys in Thailand, unfortunately most we have found on places like Facebook and not on their own websites. The other problem is most all we use do not speak English. It is best if you have a Thai friend do a search, or if you need a recommendation, feel free to contact us. Irene reads, writes and speaks Thai pretty well.

IQ Lab, Bangkok:

For film developing their service is excellent, turn around time by mail is quick and efficient as is their English speaking contact personnel. We usually get their "Low" resolution scans, and each roll of film is returned to us with a CD of the scanned images, with thumbnails of each on the CD cover, and negatives in sheaths. Very professional. They have the "High" resolution scan option but it can be expensive so its better to get their low resolution scan first, and they are more than good enough for most purposes. They also sell 35 & 120 film, but availability is spotty so you need to check often, and the variety may be few. They have multiple branches in Bangkok, one of them is here:

Silom Branch:
35 ITF- Silom Palace Building, 
Silom Road, Bangkok 10500,Thailand
Tel: (66) 0-2266-4080          Fax: (66) 0-2233-9366


Pro Color Lab, Bangkok:

Their website is in Thai only, but their contact person (email) can mange in English. They also have a film developing service but we have not yet tried it as we are more than happy with the one above. And they carry a small selection of 35 & 120 film as well. They do also carry and sell a good selection of studio gear, and if you are into developing your own film (we do only B&W) then these guys can supply you with everything you need, color included. They keep a fresh selection of chemicals, although on occasion run out, so its better to plan ahead...

35 Rachadaniwet,

Pracharatbampen Rd.,

Hauykwang , Bangkok 10320
Tel. 0-2691-6041-42, 0-2691-3649-50

Fax. 0-2274-2526


​Elsewhere around the world...

Oceanside Camera Repair, Harry Fleenor Rolleiflex Overhaul:

I had the pleasure of meeting this fine gentleman at his shop during a trip to California. His reputation as one of the worlds leading Rolleiflex repair/service experts is well deserved. Professional service, good email communication, and a nice enough guy. You can expect a waiting period should you send him a camera for repair/service as he is usually backed-up, 6 to 8 weeks, or more. He is 'in demand'. Check out his website for some other good info of things Rollei. 2022 Update: We had occasion with a buyer (due to a camera damaged in transit) to have used Harry's service again this year. The results were great as before, but his prices have almost doubled since 2017, so be prepared to pay a premium for his work.

Oceanside Camera Repair
909 N. Aviation Blvd. Ste. 4 
Manhattan Beach, Ca 90266-6241
Tel: 310 374 6506

Email -

Rolleigraphy's List of Worldwide Rolleiflex Repair Specialists:

Rather than re-list all of these here myself, Rolleigraphy has already compiled a very comprehensive list that covers many parts of the world so check it out and see if there is someone in your area. And yes, Harry & Krikor are on this list also.

Ken Rockwell:

Ken seems to spend all of his time shooting and evaluating lenses, especially Leica's. And we get the results of his efforts on his web pages that are full of useful and well written reviews of them. A wealth of information is there for our use, check out his site and don't forget to use his links to other useful places as it helps him to keep going and giving us the results of his fine work.

Antique & Classic Cameras:

Dan's site is another of our "go to" places. Whether its a Rolleiflex or some obscure Leica Lens (or just about ANY other lens you can think of) he has kept an eye on the market trends for pricing, and gives concise and useful information to us all, as well as links to more information about them in many cases. He also does accurate (and inexpensive) valuations of vintage cameras and lenses.

A Cyclops Eye:

 Jose Paula is not only a great photographer, but his systematic detailed approach to camera collecting, especially the older Rolleiflex models, helps our whole community to more easily navigate  the laybrinth of information, and mis-information regarding the camera serial numbering of the older models. A wealth of great information!

B&H Photo, New York:

You probably know this one already. We have referenced them here again as a good supplier of vintage film in addition to their full range of photographic equipment of all kinds, and their International shipping is good.

Frugal Photographer, Canada: 

A great place to find vintage film and more, they source or produce small runs of film a few times a year to keep it fresh, and they also deliver to almost anywhere in the world, check them out. In addition to the 120 and 127 film needed for the Rollei's, they also have other 'rare' old films as well as provide helpful links as to where to get it developed, and even links to other smaller firm film suppliers. You need flash bulbs? They stock a lot of those also...

World Wide Leica Repair Wiki: 

A very nice compilation of Leica Camera Repair/CLA specialists around the world with email address links from the

Leica Camera Forum Wiki.

Leica FAQ's:

Andrew Nemeth in Australia has put together a site with some great information for Leica users. His "How to Maintain & Restore M Vulcanite body covers" we found especially useful, but there are other great articles on camera and lens care as well. He covers the vintage cameras as well as the most modern.

Will add more as time permits...