See THIS  great website for details of these cameras.

This Baby is an early "original" type and were the first of the 127mm 4x4's that were produced by Rolleiflex. The Lenses are clean and clear and all is working well. The previous owner had it CLA'd and some touch-up painting was performed at that time as well, and they did a nice job of it, shutter speeds sound fine and controls are smooth. See the photos of exact condition. Use it or collect it, it is fine for both!


Production: September 1957 - April 1963, 62.250 pieces in made in Grey.

Camera exterior is in good condition with very few signs of usage. Both lenses are scratch and fungus free, just a few minor cleaning marks. Has its original strap and clam shell case, all in EX+++ condition. Shutter speeds sound fine and all controls working smoothly. With original case, strap and cap

$350 for the set

Rolleiflex "Pre-War" 4x4 Baby-Sport, f2.8-SN-734496

Rolleiflex 4x4 Post War Black Baby, 4x4 Grey Baby, Pre-War 4x4 Baby cameras.

Rolleiflex pre-war 4x4 Baby,
​SN-140176, Model 1 (410): Circa 1931

See THIS great website for details of these cameras.

This Baby is the 3rd model of the "original" type 4x4's. The Lenses are clean and clear and all is working well, very fine condition for its age, EX+++ or better! We had  it CLA'd also and all is now working fine. It is in completely original condition and includes the rear film window plug, and its original case with neck strap (well worn). The shutter speeds are fine and controls are smooth. See the photos of exact condition. A fine collectors camera.


Similar to above, this Baby is in fully Mint condition with no scratches or dings, almost no signs of use. Lenses are clean and clear. It includes its original box, manual, case, lens cap, neck strap and I have added the very rare proper Black Lens Hood to make it a perfectly complete set. It has not been CLA's but is in great working order as is, even the low speeds are good. A collectors item for sure!  


This Baby is Near Mint condition with no majors scratches or dings, just some very light signs of use here and there, difficult to see in the photos as they are so small. Lenses are clean and clear. It includes its original box (owners writing on bottom), case, lens cap, neck strap to make it a very complete set. It has not been CLA's but is in great working order as is, the lowest speeds are a tad slow.

$850 for the set

FILM AVAILABILITY: All of these "Baby's" use 127 Film, and while it is not as readily available as the 35, or even 120, it is still available, and we believe that there are enough people around that are still interested in this format that it will be for some time to come. We have found it occasionally on Amazon, but the following two links are usually a good bet. There are probably others as well but these two have served us well.

B&H Photo, New York: (or search their site, they deliver promptly to almost anywhere in the world)

Frugal Photographer, Canada:  These guys source or produce small runs of film a few times a year to keep it fresh, and they also deliver to almost anywhere, check them out. And they sell other 'rare' old films as well as well as provide helpful links as to where to get it developed, and even links to other smaller firm type of film suppliers.

Rolleiflex pre-war 4x4 Baby,
​SN-522296, Model 3 (423), Circa 1934

See THIS great website for details of these cameras.

These were the last of the "pre-war" baby family and were the first to include the Bay I mount for the taking lens. This baby includes the rare rear film plug and even rarer front Cap . It should be sent in for a CLA should you wish to use it regularly, but it seems to be working fine at the moment, all controls are fine and the lenses clean and clear. A nice collector camera that will still take great photos.


The Rolleiflex Post War Black Baby: This is the most rare of the 4 X 4 cameras. It had a very small production run (Less than 5,000 were ever made) and is much sought after by collectors. 

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Rolleiflex 4x4 Grey Baby Camera S/N 2034965. Circa 1961

Rolleiflex Post War Baby Black 4x4-Xenar,
​S/N 2065758, K5

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S/N: 2064318, Post War Black Baby 4x4-Xenar, K5, 1963~