​​Original text and tables by D. Consonni, with permission. Translated by MasterpieceCamera. © 2018

Please contact us with your lens list so that we may be able to expand on the information available for these beautiful lenses. Thank you :-) . E-mail: admin@masterpiececamera.com

And should you be in the market to Sell any of your Ducati Cameras, Lenses, or Accessories, we are in the market to Buy! We will pay 'top dollar' for items that we are missing, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  We also have some extra's that we could Trade with other Ducati collectors who may have duplicates, or things they no longer need, and need items from us such as a Sogno or Simplex cameras, a Vitor 3.5, as well as loaders, filters, hoods, cassettes and such. 

The Ducati Sogno Lens Serial Numbers have been a bit of a mystery, especially for the 4 rarest versions, the Luxtor, Eltor, Dugon and Argon. Please join us in our effort to identify as many as possible, especially the rare versions. Just drop us a line with your lens serial numbers included, and any details as to the serial number location and color would be helpful as well. And please don't be surprised if your lens is already listed, we have searched eBay, Worldwide Auctions, and any other sales or websites where photos of a lens could be found while compiling this list over the years.

​The following pages are the list of the known lenses that we have identified to date:
(Last Updated December 2022)