In preparation of the above pages, I must thank first Donato Consonni (Bencini Story) who began this list many years ago. I have been able to carry on expanding it with much research and the kind help of others, including especially: Manlio Malavolti (The Malavolti Collection), Gianni Medici (The Medici Collection), Yamane-san in Japan (who purchased the Ducati Family Collection), Watanabe-Ryuichi, Mario Casilli, Antonio Rossetto  and other great collectors. If you have a collection, or even one interesting lens, please share your database or lens numbers with us for the benefit the Ducati collecting community, thank you!

​​​​​Please contact us with your lens list so that we may be able to expand on the information available for these beautiful lenses. Thank you :-) . E-mail:

For those who help, an Excel copy of this database is available. Just send us an email, we are happy to share the list in the hope others will carry on this effort. 

For a detailed list of our estimate of the different Lens variations produced, see the Ducati Sogno Lens History page:HERE!!!

And should you be in the market to Buy or Trade any of your Ducati Cameras, Lenses, or Accessories, we are in the market so please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have some extra's that we could Trade with other Ducati collectors who may have duplicates, or things they no longer need, or need items from us such as a Sogno or Simplex cameras, lenses or loaders, filters, hoods, cassettes and such. ​​

One of our goals here in collecting these serial numbers is our ongoing effort to better establish the number of lenses produced by Ducati (the records are lost) in order for us collectors to better understand the rarity (and value) of our lenses. As a part of this we have also been able to identify more "Variations" than were previously known. Recently (2023) our friend Antonio Rossetto pointed out the 2 different versions of the Eltor and we have identified the "Light" FAT version of the Teletor (2022) as well as the "Medium" Light version of the Lator (2023). Please refer to the below table for the Variations known to date with our approximations of the numbers of which may have been produced. This is an ongoing effort. Your help in providing additional Serial Numbers or information would be much appreciated!!!

The Ducati Sogno Lens Serial Numbers have been a bit of a mystery, at least as far as the number produced, especially for the 4 rarest versions, the Luxtor, Eltor, Dugon and Argon. Please join us in our effort to identify as many as possible, especially these rare versions. Just drop us a line with your lens serial numbers included, and any details as to the serial number location and color would be helpful as well. And please don't be surprised if your lens is already listed, we have searched eBay, Facebook, Worldwide Auctions, and any other sales or websites where photos of a lens could be found while compiling this list over the years. E-mail:

​The following pages are the list of the known lenses that we have identified to date .
(Last Updated February 2024)