Ensign Autorange, Agfa Super Isolette, Certo Six, Franca Solida, Plauble Makina & Makinette, Foth-Derby and more...

Franka Solida II

There is not a lot of information on these cameras on the net, but I was surprised at its build quality. Made in Germany they are 6x6 format on 120 Film. This is a Viewfinder camera (no rangefinder) so you would think it to be rather an economy model. And most would be, especially if they have come with the standard Radionar lens. But this particular camera has the 4 element, 80mm  Xenar lens of Rolleiflex fame, so I would think that it is quite capable of taking great photos! Probably the lightest weight medium format camera that I have ever held.

It has been CLA'd by Certo6 and is in excellent condition, only minimal signs of use as per the photos at right.


Nagel #33 - 9x12

Nagel Recomar #18 & #33 and Welta Watson 9x12

There is not a lot of information on these cameras on the net either, and most of the Recomar information available concerns the later ones made by Kodak. Dr. Nagel (One of the founders of Zeiss Ikon) made these between 1928~32, after which he sold his company to Kodak who continued making them until 1940. we have both one of the #18 and one of the #33. The 33's use 9 x 12cm Cassettes while the #18 uses 6.5 x 9cm or a 120 film back. The Kodak versions are not nearly as rare and can be had cheaply. These original Nagel versions are quite collectible and can still be used for vintage photography. The Welta camera is a beauty as well, but slightly more common. The Welta has the nice Tessar Lens. All three cameras are in excellent condition, see the separate photos below for details of condition.

For the Nagel #33 and the Welta Watson, the Focusing backs are included but we do not currently have any 9 x12cm film holders. The #18 comes with a 120 film back that the previous owner quite amiably provided so that is a great addition, but no focusing back is included.

We also have 6 Nagel 6 x 9cm Film Cassettes, 3 in their original packaging as new, plus a number of other 6 x 9 Cassettes by other manufacturers. These cassettes are available at an extra charge.

$150 for the Nagel #18 (Cassettes extra)
​Nagel #33-

Welta Watson-SOLD

Agfa Isolette III

From Wiki: The Isolette III (1951-60) is the best-specified Isolette, with an uncoupled rangefinder. The rangefinder is operated with a small knurled thumb-wheel on the right hand of the raised part of the top housing, and the distance is read off and transferred to the lens, which has front-element focusing like all the Isolettes. The lens is either an 85 mm f/4.5 Apotar, with a Pronto or Prontor SV or SVS shutter (all of these are synchronised), or a Solinar, which can be either an 85 mm f/4.5 with a Synchro-Compur shutter in earlier cameras, or a 75 mm f/3.5 with a Prontor SVS or Synchro-Compur in later ones. 

The Agfa Isolette III is a much more economical model than the above cameras, but still a big leap over the viewfinder models., It still uses 120 film making it a very affordable camera to get into Medium format photography. This one has the f4.5 Apotar lens with shutter speeds up to 300. This makes it pretty much a daylight camera imho. 

It was completly CLA'd by Jurgen of Certo6 and he even put on brand new bellows. So while it is economical, it should last for decades of nice photography. It is in great condition all round, no major scratches or missing leather. Uses 120 Film.


Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase. E-mail: admin@masterpiececamera.com

Welta Watson - 9x12

Nagel #18 - 6.5x9

Foth Derby Type 3

An interesting little camera that uses 127 Film. This little folder came as part of a set and I have not had the time to fiddle with it much but it seems to be in decent shape. It would no doubt benefit from a CLA and some TLC but the lens is decent and it is in better shape than most cameras from the 1930's. These were made in Germany between 1935~39 and can fit into a pocket  It came with the hood shown in the main pic, not sure if it is the original, but it works.

I'm selling it "as is" and cheap :-)


Ensign Autorange 820

The Ensign Autorange 820 was introduced circa 1955 and production continued until around 1958. It is a Folding 120 roll film camera with a coupled rangefinder with Film Pane focusing.

 Picture size 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 or 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch. (120 Film)
Shutter: Epsilon 1-250 B.T.
Lens: Ross Xpres 105mm f3.8 (Colour corrected)
INSTRUCTIONS can be found at : http://www.marriottcameras.co.uk/instruct2/ensign_auto820/with_pictures.htm 

One of the greatest Folders of all time! Our example of this "Cult" camera is in great shape, about EX+++/Mint- condition and all functions working well. The coupled rangefinder and the sharp Ross lens on these make it well sought after for both collectors and users. It has been CLA'd and is ready for years of use. The body shows very minimal signs of use and the lens is clear with just a few cleaning marks as is usual, but perfectly working. Comes with its original case.

$2,750, CLA'd with Case

Agfa Super Isolette

From Ken Rockwell's Review (Click Here for More):  The Agfa Super Isolette (also sold as the Agfa Super Speedex) is among the world's best folding cameras. It was Agfa's top-of-the-line camera for the man who deserved the best of everything. It was advertised as the finest of all folding 2¼" cameras, and it is. It is a jewel of silent precision, making a LEICA feel lumpy and unrefined by comparison.

Ken has never reviewed the Ensign Autorange above as far as I could find, but his comments on he Agfa Super Isolette are clear. Our example is in about EX+++/M- condition and all functions working perfectly. Comes with the nice Solinar lens, Prontor shutter and the coupled rangefinder. with easy film loading, and great lens. It has been CLA'd by AV Camera and is ready for a new user or collector. The gave it 95% of new as condition. Has the normal cleaning marks, but little else to show. Comes with its original case and manuals as well. The Kodak Filters set is in beautiful condition and will work fine on this or any same size lens such as the Retina. Camera uses 120 Film.