Rolleiflex NOS (New Old Stock) Plastic Light Meter covers. I have both the "E-E2-T" Type (upper) and the "F" Type (lower) LIKE NEW Condition, 2 of each available.

Rolleinar 2, in original Bakelite Case

A beautifully cared for Rolleinar in EX+++ condition. This is also the early 3 piece type and in excellent condition for its age and comes in its original bakelite case. Suitable for collecting or using.

$135 + Shipping

$55 + Shipping

$60 & $80 + Shipping

Post War Black Baby Back Door (NOS)

This is a New Old Sock back door in LIKE NEW condition. Never been used, no scratches or marks. Note that it shouldn't be too difficult to replace, even for a rookie. A nice upgrade for a damaged camera! 

We have only a few left.

​$75 + Shipping

Rolleiflex Panoramic Head

It has seen quite a bit of use but is still fully functional and would be a good user. EX+ at best. 

$105, Free Shipping

Rolleiflex Bay I Warming/Cooling Filters, 6pc Set

Very clean set of filters used mostly for color photography, both R & B 2, 5, & 11, the standard set. I would call these at least EX+++ and they are great for using, or can be added to your collection.

$30 + Shipping

Genuine Rolleiflex 2.8F Black Lens Caps (3 available)

MINT (Brand New) Condition these are new and are still in the Rollei packaging.  These are the standard Lens Caps used on the White Face models but will fit any Bay III. Perfect for a collectors camera or for using.

$125 each, + Shipping

Rolleigrid, 2Pcs, Boxed

The box is pretty well worn but the Rolleigrid's are in excellent shape, appear to have never been used. There are 2 sizes in the box, one is for your Automat, the other is larger, probably D or E type. No sleeve.

$85, Free Shipping

$80 + Shipping

I had scoured the web searching for these as they are usually the first thing to be scratched on a new camera due to their sticking out on the side of the camera, and being one of the only parts made of plastic on the Rolleiflex. Even some of the most beautiful cameras will have these with minor scratches, or even a crack or worse. I have a few of each and paid dearly for them but when you 'need' one, they are priceless. They can raise a camera's quality rating a notch or two in many cases.

WARNING: Don't try replacing them yourself unless you know what you are doing or you could screw up a perfectly good light meter!

Rolleiflex Pistol Grip with RolleiFix attachment

I have 2 of these for sale, both are working fine, one is in USER condition and the other EX+ and can be used on any of the Rolleiflex cameras that accept the tripod/RolleiFix attachment. (If the Waist finder has the eye level viewing option or you are using a Prism)

Binocular Type Focusing Hood for Rolleiflex 3.5 or 2.8

Another nice Focusing Hood, this one has signs of use but is in very nice condition, EX+++ 

Rolleinar 3, in original Box with Leatherette Case

This is the later 2 piece version and it is in MINT- condition, box shows a bit more wear. The body and glass are almost perfect. Need one for your collection?

$85 Free Shipping

Rolleicord Type, NOS, still in packaging

Will also work on Automat or others that accept 11mm wide strap. (I use one on my M5 also) These are nylon straps.

$100+ Shipping

$50 + Shipping

Rolleicord / Rolleiflex T Lens Cap, New Folding Type, NOS

Still in its original Rollei packaging this NOS Lens cap will fit on your  Rolleicord or Rolleiflex "T". 1 sold, 1 available

Rolleiflex, Rolleikin 2

This set seems complete and is in very nice shape, I'd call it EX++. If you want to try out 35mm on your Rolleiflex, this is what you need. Have a look at the pics and see what you think.

Rolleiflex, Rolleikin 2

Another Roleikin, but this one has a broken zipper on the case and it also appears to have once come with the 36 film counter knob but this is missing, so if your camera does not already have one, better to skip this. I'd call it EX at best.

$95 + Shipping

$85 Free Shipping

$75 + Shipping

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