Leica IIIa (Model G) SN-251063 Circa 1937 together with its Leitz Xenon (Taylor-Hobson) 5cm f1.5 Lens, SN-288806, Circa 1936

 This is a nice old set that includes the rare Xenon Lens that was the precursor to the Leica Summarit. Leitz built them under the Taylor-Hobson patent (US & UK patent numbers engraved on the lens ring) which they soon bought outright. This was their first 'fast" lens, and they are noted for their soft character more than their sharpness. And speaking of 'soft', the coating is also so most have a lot of cleaning marks/scratches, and this one is no exception. (Yes, they did coat some lenses prior to WW2) Also known for flaring so a a hood or hand would help with that.

The camera and lens are about EX+/++ with no major faults, just some signs that they have been well used over the past 80 years. Shutter speeds are a bit slow on the low end, and the lens has numerous cleaning marks and some dust and traces of haze so a professional cleaning is in order. But for their age they are still in great shape. Added a very nice Leica case for it as well. See the brown rubber lens protector also as I do not have the cap.

$925 as shown

Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase. E-mail: admin@masterpiececamera.com

An Excellent Collector's Edition from 1935:

Additional Photographs can be taken if you need other angles, and if you have any comments or questions or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us.

Leica II Model D, SN- 81862, Circa 1932

The Leica II is a rangefinder camera introduced by Leica in 1932. They were the first Leica cameras with a built-in rangefinder. Several models were produced over the years, in parallel with the Leica III series.The Leica II uses a coupled rangefinder distinct from the viewfinder. The viewfinder is set for a 50 mm lens; use of shorter or longer lenses requires installing an alternate viewfinder on the accessory socket.

Ken Rockwell Review: This LEICA ELMAR 50mm f/3.5 is the lens that started 35mm photography. Even uncoated, it gives sharp, colorful, contrasty images. Shooting this early 1930's lens makes me wonder why so many people worry so much about their lenses. It works fine today.

Our example is in great shape, about EX+++ condition and all functions working well. All of these old beauties with their nickel fittings can do with a CLA, and this one is no exception, but it has no problems that a good cleaning will not help out. (the slow shutter speeds & glass cleaning)  I have added a beautiful Leica case for it that is included as well, and as in the photos have also added a FISON Lens Hood (EX+) for protection (no cap).


Leica Model Ia SN 24708 Body, black paint, without lens 
​Circa 1930

1925-1930. The first commercial Leica. First 35mm mass-produced camera. 

A piece of history, this is the original 35mm camera model from Leica. This camera does not have its original lens with it anymore, and I will be looking for one in the future, but perhaps you have one for it? The lens ring on the camera is the female part of the original lens, but the rest is missing. Also note that the "hockey stick" has been modified from its original full size, and the "Buddha" style lugs seem to have been added as well, probably a factory modification in the 50's is my guess.

Our is the 5 digit serial, which makes it more affordable than the 3 or even 4 digit examples, which can be very expensive. Condition is about EX++ and the shutter is firing well although sluggish at the lower end. The finder is clear and the camera seems to be functioning as intended. It will be sent for a CLA someday as time permits.

$575 as is.

Leica I, Leica II and Leica III  Screw Mount (LTM) Cameras, Lenses and Accessories:

Leitz Leica, Leica III (Model F) SN 163644 with Elmar 5cm f3.5 SN 200237 on camera, and additional lenses including an Elmar 3.5cm f3.5 SN 252964 and Elmar 9cm f4 SN 260954, plus many extras. Mfg: 1935

This beautiful Collector's set is a Leica III, Model F (Not a IIIf) from 1935 and came to us from an estate in the UK.  Please check the condition in the photos as these are a main part of the description. Main items, all from the original purchase and with our estimate of condition are:

1) Camera SN 163644 (with original red box, serial number matches and inserts included, intermediate lens collar, used case with new & old straps), The camera has a few marks, one very small ding, but mostly very clean, cover 100% intact, overall about EX+++ to Mint-, Mfg: 1935

2) Elmar 5cm f3.5, SN 200237 (On camera, Near MINT with both original caps) Mfg: 1934

3) Elmar 3.5cm f3.5, SN 252964 "Germany" Version (“EKURZ” MINT Condition! in original red box, and with Leica Leather Case) Mfg: 1935 (I have seen this lens for sale on eBay for over $1,000 by itself in much worse condition! Ours appears unused)

4) Elmar 9cm f4, SN 260954 (“ELANG” MINT Condition! in original red box, fitted with a Nice Japanese Leather Case “AOCo”) Mfg: 1935

5) Leitz Large Universal Viewfinder VIDOM, Chrome in Leitz Leather Case, glass seems perfect, chrome has some ‘pits’,  EX+++

6) Leitz Reflecting Finder AUFSU, (VERY RARE!)  Black (For use with camera in low position, can view from the top as waist-finder) Some black paint missing on body but the glass is good, with no separation or scratches, about EX++

7) Leitz VACU (pre IIIf flash syncro) this one I believe is the CAVOO-A model. Missing the “Cam” for the speed dial. EX+++

8) German Manual Self Timer “Autotimer”, EX+++

9) Original Shutter Release Cable EX++

Please notice also that the 3 lenses all come with their original front and rear caps, with two of them being the original BLACK front caps in great condition, very rare indeed!!!