Zuiko 20mm f 3.5 :

Near Mint Condition with both caps and in original box.                   $420

Zuiko 25mm f 2.8 :

EX+++/M- Condition, with both caps, glass is excellent!                    $350

Zuiko-Pen F-42mm f1.2 SN-115272 :

Has been CLA'd, a few light stains on the edge, no affect on photography, a fast & beautiful lens!     $675

Zuiko-Pen F-60mm F1.5-SN-102604 :

Has a few light marks and could use a pro cleaning, a nice fast long lens with original box and both caps!                                                          SOLD

Zuiko-Pen F-100mm f3.5-SN-237044 :

A beautiful long lens, very near mint with original hood, case and both caps!                                                                                                      $550

Zuiko-Pen F-40mm f1.4-SN-191873 :

A beautiful 'normal' lens, very near mint outside and the glass is about perfect, with both caps! 


Zuiko-Pen F-150mm f4-SN-214641 :

A beautiful telephoto lens, Like New-Mint outside and the glass is also about perfect, with both caps and case! 


Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase. E-mail: admin@masterpiececamera.com

Olympus Pen F, Pen FT, Pen W cameras are some of our favorites, and they came with such a wide range of great Zuiko lenses!!! All below are for the Olympus Pen F Mount.