Limited Edition:

The Ducati MICROCAMERA - Instructions for Use

We have only published 50 copies and have no plans for a 2nd Edition. (Only about 20 remain as of Jan-24) 

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Some sample pages are below:

The above is the Book Front Cover.            From the Back Cover of the book:

Whether you are the proud owner of a Simplex, or the Sogno
with many of its fine lenses, in this book you will find all of the original “Normali” (The Instructions for Normal Use) fully translated into English to guide you through their intended use. But that is just the start… Every DUCATI accessory that was available for purchase in 1950 that were in the original Italian book are included here as well, including all of the original Photographs, Charts, Tables and Figures, and with their translations when needed for additional clarity.


By R. Bazzoli: If you are a fan of the Ducati Camera system, but like me cannot speak or read Italian fluently, you have probably been frustrated not only by the lack of available accurate general information about the camera system and its accessories, but also the specifics of how it all should be used correctly. I already had the original Italian manuals for the Sogno & Simplex, and had purchased Italian PDF versions of the 'Normali', only to find that they were next to impossible to scan or OCR correctly for translation, and ended up with a jumble of barely recognizable text. That left manually typing the Italian text into a web translator and then trying to make sense of those results, which quite often end up nonsensical. On our website here we have already, with the help of Mr. Consonni, translated and uploaded what we think is the best English information available about the Ducati Microcamera System and History on the internet. All that was missing was the information, in English, on HOW TO USE IT all correctly...

We have now solved that issue. Mr. Consonni and I have spent many long hours, days & months scanning and meticulously translating the original 'Normali' manual of 1950 and have now published the results in a limited quantity. We have also included an Index to make it a bit easier to use (the original had none, you can see it below in the sample pages). We have produced it in the B5 (176 x 250mm) size as the original (as with most things for Ducati Microcamera) was quite small.For now it will only be available here on our website for a price of $34, plus shipping. The shipping cost to Asia is $12, to Western Europe or the USA $19. For the rest of the world please ask as it may vary.We are sure that even if you have been able to use your camera well up to now, that you will find new information in this manual to use it even better!​