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A Classic. 1958-68 Serial # 854001-1206999. With its famous viewfinder, this camera was and is one of the best shooters, even today. 

This camera was CLA'd in April 2016. It remains a great user and is ready to go for many years to come. The overall condition is about EX++  with  some minor dings and marks, mostly under where the Light Meter attaches as is common on many of these.  Other than that only some very minor scratch/rub marks on the bottom. The vulcanite has also been replaced with new Aki Asahi covering and is looking good. The camera comes with an original Leica leather case with the  neck strap, and a body cap as well. Case not shown, similar condition as the camera. See more pics below, not bad at all for the price!

$1175 with Case

Leica M3 SN: 902508, with Summicron 5cm Rigid
​Circa 1957
​Black Re-painted by Masa-san, Japan

This is a beautiful M3 double stroke set we built with the help of Mr. Masa in Japan. Both the camera and lens are from 1957, making it an authentic combination. He took the camera and lens down to their basic parts before going through each part to meticulously re-paint and or overhaul as needed. Note that we asked for an off-white shade of the markings paint to add a touch of age, we think it worked well. The meter is working as well. We found the unused case to add to the set. All in all its beautiful and fully restored in all its glory.


Leica M3 Double Stroke Chrome SN 864378, Circa 1957

Leitz Leica M3 cameras may not be medium format, but we really love the great quality feel of them, true masterpieces! We have sold most of our collection, what remains are below: