From Wiki: Harry Goodwin (21 July 1924 – 23 September 2013) was a British photographer, known for his images of pop musicians and sports personalities. He was the resident photographer of the BBC Television programme 'Top of the Pops' from its inception in 1964 until 1973.

Hasselblad C, CM, including SWC/C and SWC/M as well as a few other others are shown here, and a couple of them have an interesting history...

Yashica Mat 128G, Circa early 1980's

This was our first TLR camera, and it was what got us
​started in collecting.

From Camerapedia: The Yashica Mat-124 G was made from 1970 till 1986 and was the last TLR produced by Yashica. Even if this type of camera seemed to be obsolete at the time of its appearence, the 124 G was a success in that time. The 124G has a four-element, 80mm F3.5 taking lens, of the better "Yashinon" variety. Focusing is via a ground glass screen, with a 3x diopter loupe for critical focusing, as well as a sports finder. The focusing screen is used with the camera at waist-level. The sportsfinder, incorporated in the focusing hood, is operational by pushing the front cover backwards. 

These are of course the Japanese copy of the Rolleiflex design, but they did it well. The Yashinon lenses can take extremely sharp pictures, and there remain many fans of this genre. Like a "Rolleiflex on a budget." Ours is  Circa 1980, camera is in MINT condition, with its original case (EX+++) and I have added a MINT set of close-up lenses, a MINT cased lens hood, and UVa & Yellow filters for it, all original Yashica of course. 

$725 for the set

From the Auction House: Lot 168: Mamiya C330S Professional TLR camera, used by Harry Goodwin. Provenance: Collection of Harry Goodwin 1924-2013, resident photographer of the BBC's Top of the pops from its first programme in 1964 until 1973. Bequeathed by Harry Goodwin to The Christie charity Manchester and entered into sale by them.

We will be adding additional cameras here soon. Stay tuned...

The Hasselblad 500C to the left, was manufactured in 1966. Camera and mounted lens have been CLA'd by us. We like to think this was Harry's main camera during much of his time with 'Top of the Pops' where he photographed virtually every Rock and Roll great that passed through that program. And all of them did, whether British legends like The Beatles or Stones et al, or American stars such as Hendrix, Dylan, or The Beach Boys.

Several Goodwin prints are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London, as is a picture of him with Muhammad Ali. A lot of Harry's work has also been immortalized in the book "My Generation: the Glory Years of British Rock: Photographs by Harry Goodwin". 

This Hasselblad C, Circa 1966 as well as the 80mm Planar Lens have already been CLA'd, the 50mm Distagon and 150mm Sonnar are still on the list. All fitted into the original Hasselblad 612 System Case and I will include 2 extra C12 Film Backs. Also have a number of Hasselblad filters and accessories for it such as hood, polaroid back and tripod quick release that are also available.

From the Auction House: Lot 162: Hasselblad 500C camera TT65979 with camera back TC93537, Carl Zeiss Planar 1:2.8 lens Nr 2573900, with two other lenses, Carl Zeiss Distagon Nr 3334721, 1:4 f=50mm and another Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1:4, Nr 2668206, all in aluminium fitted case, used by Harry Goodwin Provenance: Collection of Harry Goodwin 1924-2013, resident photographer of the BBC's Top of the pops from its first programme in 1964 until 1973. SOLD

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This is the  "Brilliant V6" and it has a focusing coupled f2.2 viewfinder lens. This Famous classical German TLR was manufactured starting from 1938 until production ended during WW2. It is made from Bakelite, therefore very light and was cheaper than metal bodies, but also comparatively fragile. Today it is hard find an un-cracked camera.This was the top version of famous Brilliant series and came with Heliar and Compur Rapid shutter, the best of its day.

The  Lens, Voigtländer's Voigtar (uncoated and without serial number) 75/3.5, stops up to 22. Shutter: Compur with speeds 1- 1/300, T and B.

Cosmetically is this camera EX+.  Bakelite has a few marks and scratches, but no cracks. Viewfinder shows some slight wear and the camera appears to have been re-painted, or touched up. With case, yellow filter and extinction meter. The Shutter was overhauled (CLA'd) and therefore it works properly. Glass on lens is clear, no fungus. A few light cleaning scratches on front are visible from rear end only. Good glass for this type. The Lens focuses smoothly and the picture counter is functioning well also. Has not yet been film tested, but will be someday soon. ​$175 as shown

Additional photos coming soon...

Hasselblad SWC Camera / Biogon 38mm Lens
​C-Type, Circa 1970

From Ken Rockwell: The Hasselblad SWC is an all-manual mechanical camera with a permanently attached super wide-angle lens and a removable viewfinder. It has a 91º angle of view roughly similar to a 21mm lens on a 35mm camera.

SWC=Super Wide Camera, and we love wide angle shooting! This beautiful camera comes with its original Lens Hood with Cap as well as neck strap. The lens is in great condition with no scratches, fungus, dings and only minor cleaning marks. Excellent+++ condition and has been CLA'd by a Hasselblad trained technician and is in top condition. We have extra film backs as well if you need them.


The MAMIYA C330 S TLR 6x6 FILM CAMERA WITH MAMIYA-SEKOR S 80MM 2.8 SEKOR S LENS, & original box above we believe was the last camera used by Harry for his work in later life, primarily in the sports (football/soccer) world. The famous photograph of him to the upper right shows it with him. This is the C330S, the Professional 'S' being the last of this great camera model, and was produced by Mamiya from 1983 and includes the Sekor S 80mm f2.8, and maker's original box. We won this, Lot 168, at a charity auction as he had bequeathed all of his cameras, and photographs/negatives to The Christie Charity, Manchester for sale after his death. Of course we have the sales invoice from the auction house as well. 
$850 with provenance.

From Wiki: The Rollei 35 is a 35mm miniature viewfinder camera built by Rollei. The original Rollei 35, when introduced at photokina in 1966, was the smallest existing 135 film camera. Still today, the Rollei 35 series remains one of the smallest 35 mm camera after the Minolta TC-1 and Minox 35. In 30 years, about 2 million Rollei 35 series cameras were manufactured. 

Ours is the Rollei 35S, manufactured in Singapore Circa 1980 and is in MINT condition. There is slight brassing on the thumb advance, but I was lucky enough that an old collector friend had some spare 'new' ones from the factory, so it is together with the set 'off camera'. Also have for it NEW Original Rollei lens caps (2 versions), MINT Black ERC Rollei Case, and Soft Cases (2) as well as Original extra wrist and neck straps and a couple of filters. A more than complete set.