Alpa 10S Black & Grey - Full Frame, SN-57190

The ALPA 7 combines a coincident-image vertical-base coupled rangefinder with the non-reflex multi-focal viewfinder. Like in today's Leica M, it has masks for 50, 90 and 135mm lenses

This is a beautiful example of this fine camera and comes with its original tan case. We have lenses so please ask if you need one. The camera seems to be working fine, shutter fires at all speeds and controls are smooth. Contion is about Mint-/EX+++.

$775 for the Set.

Alpa Alnea Model 7 SN-33236 

Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase. E-mail:

This is the extremely rare Half Frame version of the 10S with its original Xenon 50mm f1.9 Lens. If you are looking for something unique and collectible, most Alpa cameras will fit that bill, and the ultra rare 10S models even more so. Only 97 of these were ever made!!!

​Ours is in excellent condition, seems to be working fine with no CLA needed, smooth operations and clean glass.

$2,650 for the Set.

This is the very rare Full Frame version of the 10S in Black & Grey. It is a fine collectors camera but this one seems to be working fine as well. It comes in its Alpa Box as well, condition about Mint- with very few signs of use.  Only 186 of these were ever made!!!

​We have a beautiful Alpa (Black) P. Angenieux 24mm f3.5 Lens that would be a great fit for this camera, or how about a 50mm f1.9 Kern Macro Switar? We have one of those as well...

$1,750 Body & Box only.

Alpa 10s-HF-Chrome-SN-56718 with Xenon 50mm f1.9

Alpa Reflex, Alpa 7, 7b, 9D, 10D, 10S and others are found on this page.

Built like a Swiss watch? Absolutely! These unique cameras have the build quality to prove it, hand made in Switzerland in small quantities they are a monument to craftsmanship.