The Ducati Sogno 28mm Lator Lens is the rough equivalent of a 70mm lens on a 'normal' full sized camera. This makes it a great choice for close-ups of your kids, portraits, or any situation when you need to be a little 'closer' without actually being intrusive.

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​*The Gelatin Filters were only mentioned in the earliest documentation, and no pricing was mentioned. They are in various “Bright” colors, more intense than the normal glass filters, and much rarer.

​Original text and tables above by D. Consonni, with permission. Translated by MasterpieceCamera. © 2018

The following table is a list of known Lator Lenses with the Serial Number and possible number produced in our estimate. Please help us in our efforts to expand this list by sending us any lens serial number/s not in our list so that it will be as accurate as possible, thank you!

 DUCATI - OD 6403.1 - LATOR 60mm / 2.8

The Lator lens was referred to in the Ducati documentation as a "Long-focal bright lens for remote photographs, for sports, for portraits, and photographs of children" and was already present in the early 1946 documentation.

It was of the non-retractable type with an optical scheme consisting of 4 coated elements, a field angle of 29 °, a minimum focusing distance of 1.5 meters, and it had an 8-blade iris diaphragm adjustable to between 7 possible openings (2.8-4-5,6-8-11-16-22).

For focusing, it was directly coupled with the Sogno rangefinder, but the field of view field did not correspond to the view visible in the viewfinder. In the first documents an additional finder mask was already available that reduced the field of view in the viewfinder, or a blocked viewfinder view. A sports/view finder was available (OR 2401.1).

In the 1948 catalog the Lator lens was shown at a price of 45,000 lire, and there were also some accessories (hood and filters) and the sports/view finder of the first type (OR 2401.1) suitable for use with both the Lator and Teletor lenses.

From 1949 the Lator lens had a greater number of accessories including a different lens hood and a newly designed sports/view finder (OR 2401.2) that was also suitable for the Eltor and Luxtor lenses, in addition to the Teletor.

Observing the serial numbers of a number of these lenses from those that we have been able to find, we are able to estimate that between 500 to 650 may have been produced. Refer to our table below for the data used for these estimates.

A first series of about 200 to 230 pieces, with serial numbers starting with the numbers 00 and 01,

A second series of about 300 to 420 pieces, with serial numbers starting with the numbers 05.

Availability: This lens is seen for sale more than one time per year.

The two different series of the Lator had different weights: 380 grams the first series (matr. 00838) and 220 grams the second series (matr. 05414).

The Lator lens was also produced in a different mount for use in the Ducati OE 6403 Slide Projector.