NIKON S3 Olympic Black - Original with
Olympic 50mm f1.4 Lens, Camera SN-6322446

In 1963 Nikon made the last of the S3 models, to commemorate the Olympics held there. Ours is in completely original condition, with its original Olympic 50mm f1.4 lens, both of which were completely CLA'd by the good Nikon folks at Kiitos in Japan. The lenses for this special offering are an improved version of the great 1.4 that had already been in production for many years.  A rare and stunning example in perfect working order and in beautiful condition.

As most of the old Japanese cases are in poor condition we added a brand new S3 case from the later year 2000 S3 release which is in perfect condition. We will include a Lens Hood also (not pictured).

$2,950 for the set.

Nikon S-Chrome SN-6097456 WITH 5cm 1.4 Lens

This early version in the Nikon S range is a classic. Ours is in beautiful condition at about EX+++. There are a few signs of use, and if the buyer wants we can touch up the little pain nicks on the back door, but we preferred to leave it in original condition for now. 

Both the Camera and lens were in good working order when received but we  had them professionally cleaned and added the correct lens cap to the set. A beauty for use or collecting at an easy price.


Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase. E-mail:

Nikon SP, Nikon S, S2, S3, & S4, and of course Nikon F are found on this page.

Nikon F cameras are known to most, even the younger generation, and they are great cameras for sure, but before them were the Nikon Rangefinders, and they should never be forgotten. As we have worked in Japan often, we were very fortunate to be able to find some great cameras, and even a few good deals while there. And best of all we could get some local camera masters to do CLA's on most of them. The old Nikon retiree's at Kiitos are top in their field, and we were lucky to be able to use them while they are still working. Most were purchased as our private collection, especially the rare Black versions, but its time to start letting go of some of these as well for others to enjoy also.

The Nikon S2 came out in 1954 and was the first Japanese camera with the film advance lever and return crank. These early rangefinders are very collectible and command prices higher than even Leica cameras of the period.

This one is in excellent condition, fully functional with a very clean and clear view and rangefinder patch, smooth controls and cosmetically about EX++ for the camera body with signs of usage as can be seen in the photos. It comes with its Original box as well. The lens we added to it is Near Mint, very few signs of use and the glass is in great shape. We added a like new Lens Cap to complete the set. A fine user camera or would make a nice addition to any collection.

$850 for the set.

We also have a few of the later SLR cameras, please contact us for photos if interested. When time permits we will add them here. For now they are 1) Black F pentaprism  which was fully CLA'd by Kiitos. 2) Chrome F2 Photomic with case. 3) Chrome FM2. All are fully working and in excellent condition. And we have a few of the 50mm f1.4 as well as other 28, 35 & 85mm lens options. Thanks :-)

NIKON S3 Chrome with 50mm f1.4 SN-6305355

The Nikon S3 came out in 1958 as a cheaper alternative to the SP but with an even better rangefinder view. It may not have as many framelines as the SP, but the view is clearer.

This one is in excellent condition, fully functional with a working rangefinder, patch is clear but viewing system could use a cleaning. Smooth controls and cosmetically about EX+++ for the camera body and M- for the lens, very very few marks, the glass is in great shape.  Would make a nice addition to any collection.


Nikon S4 Chrome with 50mm f1.4 lens, -SN-6503629

The Nikon S4 is somewhat rare, with the fewest number made of the S series rangefinders.

Both the Camera and lens are absolutely beautiful and the camera has been CLA'd at Kiitos in Japan. A Near Mint set perfect for your collection.

$1,450 with cap & filter

Nikon-SP-BLACK Version with the
Nikkor-N 5cm f1.1 Lens, Camera SN-6215308

OK, lets start with what many people consider the finest rangefinder camera ever made, the Nikon SP. Ours is the later version with the titanium shutter. It is in completely original condition, and verified by serial number by the NHS as authentic. It is in excellent condition and we have added the historic Nikkor-N 5cm f1.1 lens which is in near mint condition and it is the preferred Exterior Mount type. The original SP Light Meter is boxed and Like New cosmetically, and has had a new cell installed and is working perfectly.

Both the camera and lens were completely taken down and Overhauled at Kiitos in Japan, not cheap but they now work like new. The lens has both original caps & the UV Filter. A remarkable set!

$7,750 for the set. (May be sold separately with a good offer)

Nikon S2-SN-6155179 with 5cm f1.4 Lens