From Richard Y. - Honolulu Hi., Alpa 50mm Kern-Marco Switar 1.9

Hi Bob.

Happy to let you know that I received your package today.

Bubble wrap, styrofoam encasing + extra filters. All in one piece and immaculate. 

The lens is beautiful. Actually got goose bumps when I unwrapped it. 

 I cannot wait to start using the lens. 

Thanks again, Richard Y.


From George Holk – Texas, USA, Rolleiflex 3.5F

Good News Bob! The Rolleiflex TLR arrived today in perfect condition. I must say that the online pictures hardly do it justice. As I told you before, I've dreamed of having one ever since I as ten years old… It has finally taken me 58 years to get my hands on one…

Very Truly Yours,

And a Most Satisfied Client Too!

George (Buck) P. Holk


From George Sun, Mississauga, Ontario, Rolleiflex Black Baby & Filters, & Leica M4

1st Purchase:

Hi Bob,

I’m so sorry for getting back to you late. I got the camera last Friday, it was dropped at the postal office directly as there was a snow storm blocking the streets (yes its Canada)!

I have been busy with friends visiting us for the long weekend. Now I have it in front of me, what a beauty. Everything works perfect and as described. I’ll get some plastic spool first, and then try the films out.

Thanks for every effort you put, including those for the original 3.5f and the PayPal issues. It is a great experience.


2nd Purchase:

Hi Bob,

The M4 arrived, it is truly a beauty. I’ve been using a Canon P for a while but it is no comparison.

Thank you for the good experience, I knew that I can always get things from you with confidence. So my next purchase of classical camera... may be in a while, I’ll let you know.




From Edward (Scott) Hurd, Virginia, USA, Rolleiflex 3.5T & Leica M3 w/Summicron 50mm

First Purchase:


Just wanted to let you know the Rolleiflex arrived yesterday.  Looks and works great--thanks so much again.  Looking forward to the Leica! 

Best, Scott

Second Purchase:


Just wanted to let you know the M3, etc. all arrived safe and sound today.  Thanks again for all!

I wish you the best and hope all is well.



From Marco Garcia, Brazil, Rolleiflex 2.8F White Face w/Prism & Grip.

Hi Bob, 

Yes, I did receive it yesterday. 

It's a beautiful camera, in great shape, and the accessories are also in mint condition! 

I haven't tried it with film yet, but everything seems to be working fine…

I'm the same as you, always honest for such things. Anyway, thanks again! 




From Po Chi, Maryland, USA, Rolleiflex 2.8E & Rolleinar

BOB! it is here!!!!!! 

You must be sleeping but wanted to share my excitement. It looks great.

A dumb question for you: do people usually keep the case on when they are shooting or they just use it while transporting??? It looks amazing and I want to make sure I keep it that way as much as possible.



From Jason Moore, New Orleans, USA, Rolleiflex 3.5B


The camera did make it here! I only got around to opening it late yesterday (the trouble with working at home is I’m always at work!), but it’s truly wonderful! And the condition is really great. I’m curious now about where it came from — someone has taken such nice care of it all these years!

Anyway, I’ve already shot and developed the roll of Acros with some tests so after it dries I’ll see how everything looks. Everything certainly seems in good order, though.


— Jason


From Qing Chen, Singapore, Rolleiflex 2.8E

Hi Bob,

Thank you very much! I got the camera yesterday, very fast shipping. The camera is really in great shape. The size is actually smaller than my friend's E2. It can fit my 2.8C's leather case! Very compact and slightly heavier than 2.8C. Thank you again Bob, and have a nice day!

Best Regards,
QING Cheng


From Liz, Oklahoma, USA, Rolleiflex 3.5E


It arrived ... Looks great... Super excited to try...will test this weekend!  Thanks for the help and the tips!

Have a great day!

With appreciation,



Just  a few reply's from Satisfied Customers...