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Hoya B-30 UV (0), Japan (Bay I)

EX+++ Condition, a nice little filter in great shape, came to me on a Rolleiflex that the owner did not have a lens cap for so he had used this to protect the taking lens, and it worked fine. 


Voigtlander Vitessa, Orange Filter, 133/28 AR, Push-On

Nice clean little filter, MINT-, that some dealer slipped into a Rolleiflex order... bad guy! I don't have anything that it will fit on, do you you? 

I bought this one new, never been used but now without packaging, LIKE NEW. Made in Germany, rubber coated. Much more 'ergonomic' than the Rollei or Leica releases, but I have more than enough of these. Note, it is called a 'Pro-20' but is actually about 12" long.

Hasselblad B50? Front Lens Cap (Inside Diameter = 61mm)

Bought this for my Sonnar C f4 150 but it did not fit, a tad too small. As there is no S# on it I can not be sure of its proper usage, but have measured the ID as 61mm, EX+.

$25 Free Shipping


It's funny the things you end up accumulating...

 A Bertram Amateur, Seconic L-6, Waltz EV-LV, Weston Master III and a Weston Master V

If you are into Vintage gear, then these old Light Meters are a lot of fun. All are working fine and looking good. I would grade them in EX++ to +++ but have a look at the photos and pick one you like.   SOLD

Shutter Release Cable-Gepe Pro-20

Hasselblad 'F' 50, 51454 Front Lens cap

EX+++ Condition cap ready for years of use.

$25 Free Shipping


Hand Grip, Left hand, Made in Japan

A very nice hand grip that has a 1/4 thumb screw that will hold most any camera with a tripod receiving threads. EX++ condition and a good user.

$25 + Shipping

Bolex Paillard - Universal Shutter Release

Mint- this Made in Switzerland shutter Release can be used for Motion or Fixed photography. 

$25 + Shipping

A few Vintage Light Meters...



Bay II, Generic Filters & Close-up

A 'grab bag' of 5 pieces of 'no name' filters and close-up accessories, EX grade or better, can be used as a cheaper alternative to expensive Rollei filters. Original owner has made notes and EV ratings on a paper with each one for easy reference.

Genuine Yashica Bay I Lens Hood, with Case

I somehow ended up with two of these, old age... LOL. Anyway, this one is also a beauty, MINT condition for the hood, the case shows a bit of its age but no scuffs or scratches. Can be used on any Bay I Yashica camera, or Rolleiflex or Minolta or others for that matter. They are quite rare as well, especially in this condition!