Gandolfi "Traditional" aka "Precision" Camera. Made from 1938~75+ from their 1899 design.

Gandolfi 4x5 LF Camera. A Beautiful Original Mahogany Cased Example Of The London Camera Makers Fred And Arthur Gandolfi. In Near Mint Condition. 10 Inches High, 8 Inches Wide. The Camera Has Been For Display Use Only since 1990 after restoration work was completed by Gandolfi, not long before they closed down after 100+ years of family camera making. The bellows were also replaced so it should be good to go, and we do hope to try it out someday soon. The Camera came with 4 Lenses: A Schneider Super Angulon f8/65mm Syncro Compur 
(Mounted), Schneider Xenar (Mounted) f4.7/135mm Syncro Compur, Kodak Ektar f7.7/203mm Prontor SVS, and a Victorian Brass Lens as well.

This camera sits in a prominent position in our house, better than a painting and we can use it also :-)

Rolleiflex 2.8E - Planar, SN 1647488, Circa 1957

The Rollei 35 S Gold Limited Edition Sonnar 2,8/40mm

From the Rolleiclub Website:

Rollei made only a limited series of 1500 of these cameras to celebrate 60 Years Rollei Factory. The Rollei 35 S Gold was manufactured between December 1979 and February 1980. Every single part is 24K plated.

The serial number is engraved in a special plate on the back and reads 1/1500 to 1500/1500. Comes with original gold plated Rollei hand strap, golden manual, certificate of authenticity, lens cap and Mahogany box. Camera bag is made of genuine brown African Lizard skin. The Mahogany box was exclusively designed for this special Limited Edition.

Ours is in LIKE NEW condition, still sealed in its original factory packaging with the nice Serial Number 000222. The photo at right is an 'example' as the seals on ours has not yet been broken.

This 2.8F was the last of its era, and this fine example came from an estate still in its original packaging and was removed from the box only to be photographed. LIKE NEW condition, perfect. The only negative I could find with this camera is that it was purchased and shipped without an ERC case, but as it will never be used, by me at least, that is not much of an issue. 

Rolleiflex 2.8F White Face-Xenotar, S/N 2950500, Type 2, Circa 1973

To quote from an article: “As Stradivarius to the violin, as Rolls-Royce to the automobile,… so, certain photographic connoisseurs will tell you is Gandolfi to the camera."

More to come...

Serial # 1621000-1665999 from 1956-59. About 44000 made. 80mm Xenotar 2.8 or Planar 80/2.8 lens. Built-in, uncoupled meter, Automatic DOF Indicator. Heidosmat 80mm F2.8 viewing lens. Synchro-Compur shutter 1/500 to 1, B. Bay III.

This is a beautiful example of the 2,8E. Includes its' working light meter, full case with neck strap, original lens cap, incident light diffuser, and 36 film counter. All in MINT condition. Its a truly fine collectors camera, and while not quite "New" it is fully Mint. Even the case still has its gold "2.8" tag on the flap, and after nearly 60 years we find that amazing! This was our first truly collectible camera, and as such holds a place dear in our hearts.

These are a part of our slowly evolving personal collection that we plan to leave for those younger folks in our family who hopefully will appreciate their value as a part of the photographic history of this world. Some are unique, others just great examples of their genre'. No sure where this will take us, but we are enjoying the journey! Hopefully this page will grow as we find more treasures...