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Rolleiflex Bay II Filters, Medium Yellow,  (2 available)

EX++ Condition these are great for B&W photography. Leatherette's are in good shape but have some numbers written inside the flap. Good users.

$35 each, + Shipping

Rolleiflex Bay II Lens Hood Cases,  (2 available)

EX++ Condition these will hold your lens hood safely and conveniently on your neck strap, and keep it from getting nicked up in your bag.

$25 each, + Shipping

This Page for Rolleiflex Bay II & III only... 

Genuine Rolleiflex 2.8 Chrome Lens Cap

This Chrome version is EX+++ condition. These are correct for the earlier 2.8's, B, C, D & E. And this one is a beauty!