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Rolleiflex Bay I Warming/Cooling Filters, 6pc Set

Very clean set of filters used mostly for color photography, both R & B 2, 5, & 11, the standard set. I would call these at least EX+++ and they are great for using, or can be added to your collection.

Genuine Rolleicord / Rolleiflex T Lens Cap, Original Type

EX+++ Condition, this is the original style of the "T" Lens cap, still in excellent condition and ready for a new camera to decorate.

Rolleinar 1 and 2 plus 5 Filters, in Leather Case

This is a mixed set of Filters from some cameras that I had purchased plus two Rolleinar's of the original 3 piece variety. There is a bit of oxidation showing on the aluminum rings, but the glass is all fine (no fungus, haze or scratches) and they will still shoot nicely.The filters set includes 3 for B&W (Red, Green & Orange) and 2 for color photography (R1 & B11). The leather case is showing its age a little but is still in decent shape. Overall EX++ for the Rolleinar's and Case, and EX++ / EX+++ grade for the Filters set. With this set you can make some stunning photos with any Bay I fitted camera.

Rolleiflex, RolleiLux - Bay I (Working!)

EX+++ Condition, this special combination Lens Hood & Light Meter was cleverly designed and can be used on any Bay I camera, including the Post War Black Baby. This also makes it a good alternative to the rare Black Hoods for the Baby model since other Bay I hoods will not fit on it.


This one is very nice, and the selenium cell is still active and working fine, for how long, nobody knows... No case with this one.


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Rolleinar 3, in original Box with Leatherette Case

This is the later 2 piece version and it is in MINT- condition, box shows a bit more wear. The body and glass are almost perfect. Need one for your collection?

Rolleiflex, Light Yellow Filter, new type.

MINT- Condition. Glass and ring show very little signs of use. Comes with its original box and plastic case.


Rolleinar 2, in original Bakelite Case

A beautifully cared for Rolleinar in EX+++ condition. This is also the early 3 piece type and in excellent condition for its age and comes in its original bakelite case. Suitable for collecting or using.

Rolleiflex - Bay I Filters, Light Yellow & Light Green

EX+++ Condition, and in their leatherette covering. Clean glass, no separation, very nice indeed.



Bay I - 2 x Rolleinar / 5 x Filters Case

EX++ Condition, this case still has many good years of service ahead of it.


Genuine Rolleiflex 4x4 Grey Baby Lens Cap

MINT- Condition, this cap is also looking for a new home...

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Rolleicord / Rolleiflex T Lens Cap, New Folding Type, NOS

Still in its original Rollei packaging this NOS Lens cap will fit on your  Rolleicord or Rolleiflex "T". 1 sold, 1 available

Rolleiflex Original Filters, 3 pc set

These are a very nice set, EX++ quality, used but not abused and in their bakelite cases. One of the cases is missing the clear insert.

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Rolleiflex, RolleiLux - Bay I (Working, with Case)

MINT- Condition, similar to the one above but including its original leather case. It s also working fine, the light meter seems accurate. It has few signs of use, no scratches on the mount so may have never been mounted. A great collector or user, you choose.


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Rolleiflex - Bay I Filter, Grau 2 (ND Filter)

EX+++ Condition, in its leatherette covering. Clean glass, no separation, very useful to slow things down. Quite rare!

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