Leica M2 Chrome S/N: 940307 
​Circa 1958 with Elmar 5cm 2.8 Lens

A Classic. 1958-68 Serial # 854001-1206999. With its famous viewfinder, this camera was and is one of the best shooters, even today. This camera was just CLA'd in April 2016. It will be a great user and is ready to go for many years to come. The overall condition is about EX++  with  some minor dings and marks, mostly under where the Light Meter attaches as is common on many of these.  Other than that only some very minor scratch/rub marks on the bottom. The vulcanite has also been replaced with new Aki Asahi covering and is looking good. The camera comes with an original Leica leather case with the  neck strap, and a body cap as well. The low price reflects the condition, but this camera is ready to shoot.

$875 with Case

Leica M3 Double Stroke Chrome SN 864378, Circa 1957

Leica Elmar 9cm F4

From Ken Rockwell's Review:  This is Leica's first 90mm lens, designed in 1933 with four elements. It was sold in many different mounts, including the collapsible M mount seen from 1955. More common is the rigid screw mount, which takes a slip-on A36 filter.
It's always contrasty, but it's softer in the corners at the largest apertures. f/11 and f/16 are optimum.
This version is solid chrome-plated brass. Its collapsible mount is a work of genius: Leica has it locked-out so you can't focus, and therefore accidentally shoot, unless you have it fully extended. It works great on everything including the M7, but look out: Leica specifically cautions not to try to mount this lens on the M9.

Leica Summicron 35mm f2, S/N: 2103603, 1st Version, 8 Element M2 type, circa 1965, CANADA

This one of ours is the Canadian version, which most are, and is very near MINT condition, barrel and glass are clean, check the photos for yourself. Collectors usually prefer the hallowed Wetzler version as there were fewer made there, and there is always the German 'mystique', however optically they are the same and I have read nothing to say the German model is superior. Great for collecting, or even better for using.

$2,650 with original Leica caps.

Leica Elmar - 9cm f4 Collapsible M Mount, SN 1492003

Another well kept treasure, no scratches or dings on the barrel, just a few minor rub marks, glass and shutter look perfect. I'll call this one MINT-, have a look at the photos and you be the judge. Includes the original front and rear caps.

$475 with original caps

Everything Ken Rockwell said for the Canadian version above goes for this one also, only this one was made in the Holy City of Wetzlar! It is in MINT condition optically, mechanically, and cosmetically. Very little signs of use, no scratches or brassing of any kind on the barrel and the glass is near perfect. Caps included. Not sure I will ever part with this one, but maybe someday. A true collector's lens, but it will see some more careful use as well if I ever finish working on this website :-) 

Not For Sale

Leica Summicron 35mm f2,S/N: 2098963, 1st Version, 8 Element M2 type, circa 1964, WETZLAR

Leitz Leica - Summicron 90mm f2, SN-2025522
​ Circa 1964

From Ken Rockwell's Review: The LEICA SUMMICRON 90mm f/2 was Leica's very finest high-speed telephoto lens for 22 years. Its performance is outstanding on film. It's very sharp when shot properly, especially wide-open at f/2.

This is an exceptional lens and this particular example is in MINT/MINT- condition. It has just been CLA'd in April 2016 as well and is absolutely beautiful. It comes with the correct original Leica front and rear caps and it has the built in lens hood. It will work perfectly on any Leica from M1 through M9. Note that it seems to never have even been mounted on a tripod, a very clean example indeed!

$825 with both caps.

"Big Time" Telephoto anyone? Look below...

Leica Elmar 5cm f2.8-SN-1634154, Circa 1959

This beauty is in Near Mint Condition and is an affordable great lens that is still useful on even the most modern cameras. Small and lightweight its collapsible design makes it a joy to use.


A bit "new" for our tastes but this camera is deserving of much praise. It was never as popular as the earlier M's, hobbyists didn't like the larger size... but the Pro's loved it. I won't go through the whole list of 'firsts' that this camera achieved, and it is a long list, but TTL (Through the Lens Light metering) being the biggest breakthrough must be mentioned. This camera changed the field forever as everybody else had to follow suit, and soon did. The Black Chrome never wore well, and with hard use they soon become 'ugly' to some... This camera is in very nice condition though, the black chrome is intact, about EX+++ with only some rub marks, mostly on the bottom. Finder is clear and it has been film tested. I have been using it and no CLA seems needed at this point. Also have the manual and proper Black ERC Case in MINT- as in the photos here (scuff mark on the 'nose'). The Zhou Half case and Summilux lens in the photo are not included in the below sale price. 

$950 with Black ERC Hard case & Leica Body Cap

Leitz Leica M2, M3, M4, M5 cameras may not be medium format, but we really love the great quality feel of them, true masterpieces! Our current Leica Cameras/Lenses: 

Leica Hektor f4.5 13.5cm M Mount Lens Head on a Visoflex II, Lens SN 1584651

This will go as a set and includes the Leica 16472K 'OTSRO' Extension Tube, Leica 'OTFZO' 16464K Focusing Adapter, Visoflex II, and the Hector Lens. All are very near MINT condition all round, barrel and glass, and as you can see in the photos, it appears to have never been mounted on a tripod, perfectly clean mounting screws. I've never used it either but if you are looking for one of these for shooting, or more probably collecting, you will be hard pressed to find a cleaner set.

​$285 for the set

Leica Summilux f1.4 50, Black Type 2 (V2)

SN 3590214, Circa 1992 

Additional Photographs can be taken if you need other angles, and if you have any comments or questions or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us.

From Ken Rockwell's Review:  This LEICA SUMMILUX 50mm f/1.4 was LEICA's standard ultrahigh-speed normal lens from 1961 until it was replaced by the LEICA SUMMILUX-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH in 2004. Even though the newest ASPH version throws a lot of technology at the problem, it's not much better than this lens! This traditional non-aspherical (spherical) lens was LEICA's, and thus the world's, best for over forty years. Even today, its performance continues to exceed the newest 50mm f/1.4 lenses from Nikon and Canon. 

Ours is one of the very last V2's ever made, circa 1992. The optics are very clean, aperture working smoothly, with just some small brassing on the knurled rings as signs of use, which is common on these black versions. The glass is about MINT- to EX+++ Condition while the barrel is about EX++. Caps and Lens Hood included, (shows some signs also) and I have added a NEW black B+W MRC UVa Filter for its protection as well. A great user lens for years to come or would make a fine addition to your collection

$1,475 with UVa, caps & hood

As fine a camera as the M3. Produced from 1958-67. About 88,000 produced. Serial # 926001-1207000. 

The Camera is in about MINT- condition and has been CLA'd 
​and is now looking and working great.

This exceptional camera is now ready for a new lifetime of great photography with only very minimal signs of previous use and was obviously well cared for in it's past life. The camera comes with its original Elmar 5cm f2.8 Lens (Also Near Mint and CLA'd with the camera also), cap, and its original box (a bit worn and we re-glued some seams) with its serial numbers matching for the camera/lens. Will also include a nice Leica ERC leather case with neck strap as well.

$1,650 for the Set.

Leica Telyt 280mm f4.8 - Canada, SN: 2123308

This is the screw version, made in Canada mid 60's. We also have the OUBIO adapter or the Visoflex II on our Leica Accessories page for use on the M Mount cameras. This beautiful 50 year old lens is in MINT/MINT- condition optically, mechanically, and cosmetically. No dings, dents, or scratches at all. Glass is clean and clear. As you can see in the photos it also includes the rare adapter ring (easily removable) for use with Leica's Televit system (I have a 400mm & 560mm Telyt/Televit complete system also if you are interested). As you should be able to see in the photos, it appears to have been never mounted on a tripod, like new. Correct box and original front and rear caps included, perfect for collecting or using.

​$440 complete as shown

From Ken Rockwell's Review (Click Here for More):  Introduced 1958. Many users believe the Type 1 is the best non-aspherical version ever made. This version is called the "M2" type which is a regular M mount lens that can mount to any M-mount camera. These lenses had 8 elements and provided excellent resolution, but contrast was middle of the road. Many users love this version for classic black and white photography. About 12,000 M2 types were made; 10,000 M3 types. Close focus .7 meter (M2)

Leica M5, S/N 1347383, Black 3 Lug, Circa 1972

Leica Televit - Telyt f5.6 400mm, SN: 2212232 & f5.6 560mm SN: 2212466 (both WETZLAR)

If the 280mm above won't get you close to what your shooting at, these babies will! These will go as a set so please don't ask for parts (Unless you are paying crazy prices :-).

These were made in Wetzlar, and as always... you guessed it... are in MINT to MINT- condition. The pistol grip and the attached Lens Mount could be called EX+++ and show some signs of handling, if not much use, but both Lenses and the shoulder stock are clean all around, with the exception of some minor scratches on the plastic knobs of the stock. I am posting a lot of pictures of these so judge for yourself. I think you will agree that these are one of the best examples of the Televit/Telyt system around. 

Unfortunately, I only have the front cap for the 400, both rear caps and the front for the 560 are on my shopping list! If you have any to sell/trade, please contact me! I have purchased correct Leica Boxes for the set as well, though a bit worn.

$1,325 for the complete set